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Ann Kendall space Ann Kendall - Brief Biography
Brought up in the UK and Brazil, Ann completed an M.A in Interdisciplinary Archaeology in 1970 at the University of California, Los Angeles and her PhD in 1974 at the Institute of Archaeology, London, where she is currently an Honorary Research Associate of University College. The Director of the Cusichaca Trust since its foundation in1977, she was awarded the Order of Merit by the Peruvian Government in 1980 and an O.B.E. in 1994 for her contribution to overseas development work.


About us - UK Contacts

Director Emeritus:
Ann Kendall OBE Dip AD MA PhD

Finance Officer:
Angela James

May Cottage
High Street
Winfrith Newburgh

Mr Nicholas Baring CBE (Chairman), Ms. Sally Bowen, Mr Jon Brooke, Mr Robert Early, Dr John Hemming CMG.

Secretary to the Trustees:
David Drew
Tel:+44 (0) 208 892 1151 E-mail: david@orleansroad.fsnet.co.uk

Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville CH.


Asociacion Andina Cusichaca

Thumbnail image Representatives of the Huancachi community explaining the workings of the local agricultural calendar in a meeting organised by the AAC The Cusichaca Trust has formed one key local partnership. The Asociacion Andina Cusichaca (AAC) is an independent Peruvian NGO set up in 2003 and with its own board and accounting systems. Its founding staff have all previously worked on Cusichaca Trust projects, it shares the same ethos as CT and is currently working in the field on projects designed in collaboration.
AAC is currently developing its core concerns with climate change and environmental issues and with reclaiming and reintroducing many of the key elements of traditional Andean culture to benefit highland communities. It is working with them to reintroduce collective use of traditional technology within a modern framework of human rights, citizenship and inclusion, spreading the message via schools and technical colleges in the sierra and through capacity building amongst community organizations and local authorities. On a practical level, AAC is engaged with CT in projects to encourage the marketing of crops grown by communities on rehabilitated terrace systems. It is creating Associations of Community Producers to involve themselves in the commercialization of produce through market chains which are already seeing organic products from the highlands arriving in the markets of coastal cities.

Asociacion Andina Cusichaca (AAC)

Executive Director:
Douglas Walsh

Field Co-ordinator:
Adripino Jayo
Email: adripinoh@hotmail.com

Office Address:
Av. Andrés Cáceres 108, San Jerónimo, Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Peru
Tel/Fax: 0051 (0)83 421216
Email: aacusichaca@terra.com.pe


Supporters, Partners and Colleagues

The Trust is greatly indebted to the many institutions, companies and private individuals who have supported our work. These have included:

Thumbnail image Visit of HRH Princess Anne to the Patacancha valley in 1997 Institutional/Corporate
The Department for International Development in the UK (DFID) and previously the Overseas Development Administration (ODA), the European Union, the Community Fund/Big Lottery Fund.
The Anglo-Peruvian Society, the Agency for Personal Service Overseas (APSO-Ireland), The Ashfield Trust, the Australian Embassy in Lima, the Baring Foundation, Binnie and Partners, the British Embassy, British Council and the Asociacion Cultural Peruano-Britanico in Lima; The British Academy, The British Museum (Dept. of Ethnography), British Petroleum (BP), The Dennis Buxton Trust, Church of the Ascension, Blackheath; Earthwatch USA, the Hilden Charitable Fund, the J.G. Joffe Charitable Trust, the Robert Kiln Charitable Trust, the Leverhulme Trust, W.M. Mann Foundation, the Peru-Canada Development Fund, the Peruvian Embassy in London, the Royal Geographical Society, SAFAD (Silsoe Agricultural College, Cranfield University), St. Mark's Overseas Aid Trust (SMOAT), the Society of Antiquaries of London, Southern Peru Copper Corporation, Tarmac Overseas Ltd, the Vinson Charitable Trust, Womankind Worldwide and numerous British companies and institutions who have donated materials for fieldwork. We should also acknowledge here adventure training teams from the British Army who provided crucial logistical support in the field in the early years of the Trust's work.
space Individual
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Baring, Ms. E. Blackman, Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville CH, Mrs. A Butler, Helen and Rachel Butter, Mr. David Crease, Mr. B. Dana, Mrs. Bridget Davies, Mr. D. M. Dell CB, Dr. K Drury Mr. J. Gaselee (Wyndham Charitable Trust), Mr. B. Giles, Mr. & Mrs. J. Harvey, Mrs. Psyche Hughes, Cynthia Key, Miss A. Lascelles, Chris O'Hare, Mr. M. Scott, Mrs. A. Shirley, Dr. J. Twigg, Paul Zuckerman
Special thanks to Janet and Todd Bertucci Lynch (via the King Baudouin Foundation USA), to the Burguera family in Madrid, Catherine Nettleton and Sarah Thomas de Benitez for their important personal contributions to the Trust's ongoing work.

For indispensable institutional collaboration, we should mention in particular:
The Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INC) Cuzco and the INC Ayacucho, as well as the INC Lima and the Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (IEP). We also greatly appreciate the support of the following Peruvian Universities: Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad (Cuzco), Universidad Nacional San Cristobal de Huamanga (Ayacucho), Universidad Agraria La Molina, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and the Universidad Caetano Heredia in Lima.
In the UK the Trust is especially indebted to the Institute of Archaeology, University College, London; Royal Holloway College, University of London; the Dept. of Plant Sciences and the Godwin Laboratory, Cambridge University and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
We have developed a number of fruitful partnerships with organizations working in Peru, including:

ACCAO AMBIENTAL:- Portuguese organization concerned with environmental issues in the Andes.
ADEA:- NGO in Andahuaylas supporting small businesses and promoting gender initiatives.
ASOCIACION SOLARIS DEL PERU:- Peruvian NGO working in integrated development in rural areas.
BELGIAN COOPERATION:- Based in Ayacucho, with whom we formed a partnership to provide training and help alpaca breeders find wider markets for their products.
BUEN INICIO:- CT linked up with this UNICEF programme to monitor levels of malnutrition in mothers and young children.
CAPHAC NAN: - A 10-year project run by the INC involved in archaeological investigation along the ancient Inca road system with future tourism initiatives in mind.
CONACS:- Peruvian national body concerned with the promotion of llama, alpaca and vicuna husbandry with whom CT has been collaborating in a local breeding programme.
Thumbnail image Rare and protected guanacos in the high altitude lands around Pampachiri. COPESCO:- Peruvian agency that oversees planning for cultural tourism.
DESCO:- Centre for Development Studies with whom we have organized seminar and workshop events.
DIRCETUR-AYACUCHO. Local arm of the Ministry of Tourism with whom we have signed an agreement to help promote tourism in the areas where CT is working.
ICARDA:- International body concerned with agriculture in dry areas. CT collaborated
with them in a socio-economic study concerned with nitrogen fixing crops and crop rotation.
ICARDA has also made important contributions to national seminars that CT has organized.
INRENA (now SERNANP):- Peruvian National Institute for Natural Resources.
INSTITUTO DEL BIEN COMUN:- Independent agency based in Lima that promotes responsible citizenship and effective natural and cultural conservation programmes.
IPROGA:- Organisation based in Lima working in water resource management, with whom CT has collaborated and organized regional and national seminars.
PRISMA: - Private association supporting agricultural and social development.
PROANDE:- Belgian NGO working in Andahuaylas. CT has worked with them on rural health programmes.
Thumbnail image Municipal rubbish bins with EU logo installed in Pampachiri. PROMODER:- National rural development NGO based in Ayacucho.
PRONAMACHCS:- Peruvian government body connected to the Ministry of Agriculture responsible for the management of natural resources in the highlands. CT has collaborated with PRONAMACHCS in many areas, including reforestation, terrace and canal restoration, the promotion of organic agriculture as well as programmes of staff training. We have also coordinated three major seminar series with them on ancient agricultural systems and agroecology.
SENASA:- Government organization concerned with animal and plant health.
SENAMHI:- National body that controls weather stations, with whom we have installed meteorological stations in the communities of Chipao and Soras.
SIERRA EXPORTADORA:- Arm of the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture with whom we have developed models for the commercialization of products.

Finally, the Trust is keen to recognize here the important contribution of very many Peruvian and International colleagues and friends, including:-
Thumbnail image Ann Kendall & colleagues involved in a seminar series on a visit to the agricultural terrace systems of the Colca valley. Robert Ackroyd, Manuel Aguirre, Dennis Antizana, Ignacio Aragon, Dannal Aramburu, Hernán Aráoz, Fernando Astete, Rosalia Avalos de Matos, Florence Aylmer, Brian Bauer, John Beauclerk, Hector Becerra, Keith Bennett, Davina Bewick-Copley, Oscar Blanco, Nick Branch, Warwick Bray, David Canal, Coco Canal, Efraím Carrillo, Stephen Carter, Ronald Castillo, Manuel Chávez Ballón, Alex Chepstow-Lusty, Felix Choquehuanca, Carla Claure, Alan Duncan, Carmen Felipe-Morales, Hernando Franco, Alfredo Ferreyros, Jorge Flores Ochoa, Hernando Franco, Arminda Gibaja, José Gonzales Corrales, Efraín Gonzales de Olarte, Donald and Olive Green, Eleanor Griffis de Zuniga, Juan Guillén, Julian Harvey, Carolyn Heath, Sarah Hemstock, Dominique Hervé, Gill Hey, Tim Holden, Andreas and Rachel Holland, Luke Holland, David Honess, Guido Huaman, Emiliano Huarcaya, Chris Hudson, John Illman, Adripino Jayo, Rob Kemp, Jack and Carolyn Kerson, Meriel Larken, Gordon Lawrence, Carlos Llerena, Carlos Loret de Mola, Sara Lunt, Edward McDonnell, Luis Masson, Frank Meddens, Aquilino Mejia, Sally Monkman, Tom Nickalls, Italo Oberti, Oscar Olazabal, Reuben Orellana, Vicente Orué, Rod & Estella O'Shea, Gerard den Ouden, Jorge Pastor Watanabe, Percy Paz, Andres Peña, Ismael Pérez, Fidel Ramos, Robert Randall, Celia Read, James Read, Kevin Reilly, Abelardo Rodríguez, John Rowley, Paul Ryder, Derek Sagar, Bruce Sampson, Ivan Scrase, Ruth Shady, Bill Sillar, Manuel Silva, Emmy Skinner, Judy Stevenson, Roy Switsur, Justo Torres, Carolina Trivelli, Alfredo Valencia, Luis Vargas, Peter Vinson, Cirilo Vivanco, Douglas Walsh, Sherilee Wedderburn, Wendy Weeks, Julino Zapata.